Buddypress Tips and Tricks

These are some things that I learned when trying to modify buddypress pages that took me a while to figure out.

User Blogs

Use these 2 plugins together to add user blog capability without having to use a multisite setup.


BP Simple Front End Post

To change the permalink slug to what you want to create a file called bp-custom.php in the root of the plugins folder and add this code:

// hacks and mods will go here
add_filter( ‘buddyblog_use_slug_in_permalink’, ‘__return_true’ );
define( ‘BP_BUDDYBLOG_SLUG’, ‘blog’ );
define( ‘BUDDYBLOG_ARCHIVE_SLUG’, ‘posts’ );


There is an issue with the plugin that duplicates the content loop for some reason the fix to this is:


Hi Rell,
I am sorry I could not reply earlier. It is a Bug in BuddyPress Theme compat(I am going to report it today).

There is an easy solution though.
1. Copy the bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/plugins.php to your theme/members/single/pluhins.php (If the folder is not present create it) and them you may want to modify the layout of plugins.php using your theme’s index.php or page.php as a guideline.

That fixes the duplicate content issue.


To modify how the blog page is wrapped edit the file in members -> single -> plugins.php


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