Comments Broken

So, I was working on a site the other day, and for some reason I could not for the life of me get the comments working. I tried searching online for a few hours with no success. Nothing showed up at all no matter what I did. I finally deleted my comments.php file and then it showed “comments closed”.

That was how I figured out that I had ‘close comments on posts older than 14 days’ was checked.

Since all the articles I had on the website were older than that, the comment area didn’t show up. Simple fix, but something that was a little frustrating to figure out.

It just reminded me that whenever I get stuck trying to fix a problem for more than an hour with no success I need to leave it alone for a while. In this case I waited until the next day and figured it out relatively quickly.


Even when you uncheck the box the comments area/link may not show up on old posts. I had to delete and recreate all my old posts on one website because they still showed that comments were closed. New posts didn’t have that problem. This seems like a bug to me. It should be easier to enable or disable comments for all posts by default.

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